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Energy Management of a Big Industrial Zone in Vietnam using LPWAN: Innovation Success by Opinum and Actility

Opinum, the Belgian energy management technology provider, has made it possible to achieve what was never done before in Vietnam: monitoring the supply and energy management of an industrial zone via a Low-Power wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology, in partnership with Actility, the world leader in LPWAN industrial-grade connectivity solutions for …

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Teamstack Simplifies Your Team’s Identity Management

Looking for a way to improve the security of your team and customers when they log into your systems? Onboarding can be a nerve-wracking experience thanks to lost usernames, mistyped or forgotten passwords, and other frustrating issues. Simplifying this means a happy team, satisfied customers, and increased productivity. Teamstack is …

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Scaling an Enterprise Fleet Management Solution

Illustration: © IoT For All Deploying enterprise-level fleet management or asset tracking solutions from the ground up is complicated. I can tell you from on-the-ground, personal experience at Leverege that it takes hard work and an integrated effort from a cross-sectional team of hardware designers, engineers, software teams, network providers, …

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Building a Cold Chain Management IoT Solution

Illustration: © IoT For All Transporting temperature-sensitive products, from bananas to vaccines, is inherently risky. The improper temperature during shipment can spoil food and render medicine ineffective, leading to consumer safety issues. Rejecting mishandled shipments carries an enormous economic cost. Supply chain experts estimate that a single shipment by refrigerated truck (or …

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